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Chicken Compilation #6
We are duly proud to announce our latest volume of the dearly beloved Chicken Compilation series. It is titled Chicken Compilation #6 - the Colombian Chronicles. We ventured down to the land of cocaine and guerillas to bring you the legendary beautiful Colombian girls - much admired throughout Latin America and the world -killing chickens on location in the classic manner - naked as the day they were born!.

Play length 66 min.

Chicken Compilation #7
It gives  me  pleasure to announce the seventh volume  of the  Chicken Kill  Compilation  series.  C.C. #7 is another   action-packed show  featuring five  all-new girls showing us  different  ways to kill a  chicken and different personalities and  body  types.  As usual, we  insist on  nudity when the  girls  kill  the  chickens.

Play Length 73 min.

Wenona Ultra Fem Dom Vol. 1
Witness our latest release Wenona Ultra Fem Dom Vol. 1. We have had our huntresses kill wild boars with rifles, pistols and even bows and arrows. But who would have believed we would ever have a girl kill one of these dangerous, sharp-tusked vermin with a spear???? Well that is exactly what we have accomplished !

Play Length 63 min.

Wenona Ultra Fem Dom Vol. 2
About two months ago we released a spectacular hunting video
Wenona Spear Hog Hunt which was paired with another short
subject Wenona Snake Tour. Both videos were pure fem dom
just with different subject matter. We were exploring the
character of Wenona - one of the most noted models working in
the fem dom and related fetish world.

Today I would like to announce the release of Wenona Ultra Fem
Dom #2. It is the sequel to Ultra Fem Dom #1. We have used the
same format as the previous release with two subjects. FIrst
is Wenona Pistol Hog Hunt . Here Wenona hunts a wild boar in
much the same method as she did in the spear hunt, except
here she uses a .357 magnum revolver to kill the boar and
finishes him off with a knife. There is a lot of action, blood
and excitement. She urinates on the carcass and abuses the
fallen beast who is the re-incarnation of her abusive husband.
Later she butchers the boar by skinning him, disemboweling him
and chopping him into pieces with a machete. Everything is
shown , nothing is censored. The second feature is Wenona Lobster
Dinner. This is a specific type of fetish shoot which is popular in the world
of fem dom. It opens with Wenona wearing an elegant dress
returning home with a cooler with two live lobsters which she
obviously has the intention of cooking for dinner. As she
heats up the water for boiling, she plays with the lobsters -
teasing them and making them fight each other. In doing so
she gradually removes her clothes and in the end is totally
nude. Finally she cruelly plunges the unfortunate crustaceans
into the boiling water and masturbates with an ice cube as they

Play Length 47 min.

Sierra & Jen Custom Chicken
Introducing our latest release. Sierra & Jen Custom Chicken This video was a custom order from a customer who enjoys the Chicken Compilation (CC) series format but likes a little more time with each girl and that it be spent with masturbation and anal play.
In this video we first have Sierra, a cute young girl of Italian descent who kills her chicken in a matching set of back lingerie. While killing the chicken, she masturbates herself and then the cameraman. The killing method is one that we often use with the girl standing on the wings of the chicken in bare feet - a method which appeals to those foot fetishists among us.

Play Length :62 minutes.

Chloe Pony Ride

This video stars Chloe a very young-looking slender girl of Northern European ancestry. She rides our two ponies in a variety of outfits plus nude. All the video is bareback action. This film will be remembered as having some of the most outrageous outfits of any of our pony ride videos. You must check out the little-girl outfit with long candy stripe stockings !

Play Length :46 minutes.

Tatiana Russian Maxi Pad Chicken Custom

Tatiana speaks only Russian in this video – although she can speak good English too. Do not order this video if dialog is important to you and you do not understand Russian ! Tatiana kills 2 chickens and 2 roosters all using a knife with feet on the wings. She wears a bikini as one outfit and the changes to topless wearing sheer panties and a maxi pad. There is menstruation fetish involved here.

Play Length : 50 minutes.

Meggie Maxi Pad Chicken Custom

Meggie is our latest addition to the group of girls who have killed chickens. She has huge natural breasts and speaks only English in this film. Meggie kills 2 chickens and 2 roosters using knife and hatchet using the feet on wings position. She goes topless with sheer panties and a maxi pad. There is menstruation fetish here plus some masturbation and full pussy views.

Play Length : 44 minutes.

Megan & Gloria Lobster & Chicken Dinner

Everyone who has been to our site or clip stores will recognize Megan and Gloria together they account for a very large percentage of our content. Both have been involved in many hunting and slaughter videos. Besides being hot these girls have great personalities on camera. They are outgoing and always know what to say and I rarely have to tell them anything.

Recently we had a custom order for a video that would bring a lot of different fetishes together. This one has crush, hardcore girl/girl sex, lobster dinner and chicken slaughter all together in one video . The girls crush lobsters, cook them, kill a chicken and have sex during it all. You have to find something you like in here !

Play Length : 44 minutes.


Chicken Compilation #9

This current release (#9) continues the traditional of a slaughter variety show. There are five girls in a total of five scenes with both chickens and other birds represented.

1. Nicole, a hot blonde new slaughter girl starts out by spraying her breasts with fresh hot semen from a big hard cock. That gives her the excitement she needs to overcome her nervousness and kill the chicken with a knife . Some foot action.

2. Our nameless German fraulein wearing a French maid outfit who first appeared in CC #8 has returned and in this clip she kills 2 white chickens using a stick and a hatchet. It’s an interesting location in a huge abandoned room in some sort of commercial building in Germany

3.Suzy follows our typical CC series format. She is a tall athletic black girl with a sweet personality but surprisingly has no problem fulfilling her mission to kill the chicken. She uses the standard method of bare feet on the wings and uses the knife. There is an interview before and after with some foot play too. This scene is all nude.

4. Kristin James also works with the usual CC series framework . Kristin is a very attractive big girl . She wears a black lace corset but liberates her breasts and gives us other revealing glimpses. This scene also has two short interviews and lots of foot play.

5. Three of the four girls above are new but we decided to switch to a different type of poultry that we have never killed before and they are bobwhite quail. We felt that we needed an experienced veteran girl to handle this unfamiliar bird species. So we got Gloria to do the job. She is a very experienced girl who has been featured in 2 or 3 other CC videos plus a few other custom videos as well. Gloria kills 4 quails using bare hands, knife and hatchet. Her demeanor is one that every slaughter fan will enjoy. She loves every minute of it! This is all nude action shot in our new location – the grafitti room.

The CC#9 video is 49 minutes long and the price is $120 usd. It is also available as a download or DVD.

Please go to to view the trailer.

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