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Candi -- Anal Anglerette

Candace or actually Ms. Apple - as you better call her around the office that she runs - loves the the feeling of degradation, pain and helplessness of having a strong man furiously pumping his hard penis in and out of her rectum. She has a hot body under that business suit & could get plenty of lawyers and high-powered business execs to do the job for her, except she is deathly afraid that the word would get out among her circle of yuppie friends and business associates about her secret fetish and soon she would become the topic of some really hot, water cooler, gossip. So instead she picks that drunken fish bum, Lars, who is the last person to mingle in the white collar world. She takes out a fishing charter with the horny old salt, and after relaxing by catching a few fish, she practically orders him to do the dirty deed. Catch every sweaty, rectum-stretching minute of this action out on the boat under the broiling Florida sun.Length of Play:  50 min.

Leah Licks a Rod

Join Leah in a late afternoon fishing trip where she catches a small jack crevalle and then has a sunset celebration where she sucks a penis until it spurts hot semen all over her mouth and chin. This girl is a hottie!
Length of Play: ? min.

Silky Thumper -- Fish Sit #1 and #2
Silky is a strikingly beautiful girl with a sweet personality who will shatter your preconceived notions of a porn star. She stars in a custom video commissioned by a client who loves to see a girl sit on her fishing and hunting trophies. This is a new twist on the fishing fetish shoot that we do quite often. Watch her as she catches small and medium size fish and sits on them. The species filmed here are pinfish and seatrout

Length of Play: 63 min.

Megan -- Whacky Hog Hunt
This one is definitely one of the strangest ! Here's the plot: a girl goes hunting wearing only pantyhose and black boots on a swamp buggy (a huge vehicle that travels through water and mud). She shoots a hog with her rifle and then poses with it. Later she has the driver run over the hog while she cheers him on. As a reward to the driver, she strokes his cock until he shoots his creamy load on her face. Megan our main hunting girl took on this role and did a great job as usual. The hog was in extremely dense brush and only a patch of skin was visible. We had her shoot anyway, expecting the pig to flush out into the open and we would be able to document the bullet strike. Instead she killed it dead with one shot.
Length of Play: 52 min.

Harmony--Barracuda and Shark
Fishing Sex
Lars works on his techniques of catching big fish while fucking and being sucked while Harmony experiences the thrill of a totally new type of sex performance as they do battle with a barracuda almost 5 feet long plus two sharks. If sex and fishing are two of your favorite activities this is the video for you . Harmony is now a well-known porn star.
Length of Play: 24 min.

Mamacita Pescando Pelada #1
(Michaela Nude Fetish fishing)- Translated, the title means "nude fishing babe". Men in the Latin cultures and many others cultures around the world prefer a girl with a big butt and big breasts in addition to the pretty face. Most of our models tend to be of the classic American/European standard of beauty which is slender and very fit. For those members who like their women with a little meat on their bones, we present Michaela. The main mission on this shoot was to increase our growing body of nude fetish (fem dom) fishing content we have been acquiring. Available with an optional oral sex scene. Contact us for more details.
  Length of Play: 23 min.

Stephanie Nude Fetish fishing
Stephanie came from Georgia to South Florida to fish on the reefs. It was a beautiful day with incredibly clear water. She catches a variety of colorful reef fish on one of our shallow coral reefs. If you want to see how she handles two rods of a different kind at the same time, ask for the optional hand job sex scene to accompany this video.

Length of Play: 21 min.

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b/g   boy/girl sex scene normal sex between male and female
g/g   girl/girl sex scene, Lesbian sex
Solo   masturbation, and sex toy play, vaginal close ups
2nd    also available as a second generation custom video
POV   in b/g scene filmed from perspective of male. Only his penis is visible.

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