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My principal job in proposing custom videos to people who tell me of their fantasy video is to try to get their imaginary fantasy close to reality - particularly the budget. Anything is possible with enough money but few people have unlimited funds. $400 for a tape may seem like a lot of money for a video that lasts a few hours but remember the video that you buy in the store for $20 USD costs $60,000,000 to film and produce. They make a profit because they can sell it to 5,000,000 people.

Everything is custom in a custom. The girl, the game, the weapon, the clothing, sex acts, the location, the dialog everything! There is also an "upgrade" where you can participate but that is a whole different price level.

The selection of the model is usually done by sending you pics of various girls. You can meet them in person too if you can get to the LA area or Miami area. You bear all expenses involved in the meeting.

We are located in South Florida where we can film nude outdoors all year long. We also travel to foreign countries to film and other locations within the U.S. The cheapest customs are those that can be shot in conjunction with other planned shoots. Other factors that affect the price are sex acts, species of game, location, and complex scripts

Your fantasy video is specially tailored to you and parts of it will not appeal to others, therefore you need to pay for all of the costs for the filming, editing and duplication.

There are two types of custom videos:

1.  A "non-exclusive" which means you pay all the expenses but no profit or salary is included for me. With the non-exclusive video, I sell copies of your video to other members for $100 each and that is how I make my profit and salary.
2.  An "exclusive" where you pay all expenses plus profit.

Exclusive video is something some members want because they want to be the only owners in the world of their special video. Some other clients have fantasies that I have to classify as exclusive for various reasons. If in my opinion, there is no market for your type of video (i.e. you have asked for something unusual), your video will be classified as exclusive video in the pricing.

The Semi-custom video: We start with raw video I have already shot and then we edit a video especially for you from that footage. This is video that will not be released anytime soon You are paying for the editing primarily. For $200 you get 45 minutes of video with basic editing only in a plain jacket cover. Special effects, graphics, still photos, music, voice-overs are all extra. A semi-custom is non-exclusive to you and you may not re-sell the content to anyone. Current price on a semi –custom video is $200 for 45 minutes of basic edited footage.

The 2nd generation Custom video: We copy the master tape of someone who has ordered a previous custom tape. This is done on a one-by-one basis. No editing is required since it was already done for the original buyer. Current price is $100 for VHS (NTSC only) or $120 for DVD. A CD containing the still images that accompany the shoot is included. We have tapes in the following outdoor sports. Fishing, hunting, horseback riding, SCUBA diving, outdoor vehicles and boats, and miscellaneous. The footage ranges from hardcore sex to nude and bikini girls participating in the sports. Locations range from the Rocky Mountains, the European countryside, open ocean, the Everglades to the Amazon rainforest. We can furnish you a list describing the available footage.

Prices start at $400 and there is no upper limit.
As of October 1, 2005 we will change to a “cost plus” system for most custom video.

Before the filming commences, the client will be given an estimate of what the total cost of the video will be. He will also be given a breakdown of the projected costs of each major expense item required to produce the film, including any daily rates or per diems. During the filming, the client will be informed by e mail or telephone of any cost overruns along with the reason for the overrun(s). He will be asked to approve these increases before proceeding with the filming. This system has replaced the previous fixed price system because the unpredictability of the movement of game animals, fish feeding times and weather conditions for filming has resulted in some custom videos that had to be continued for one or more additional filming sessions. A more detailed description of policies will be sent to the client prior to contracting for a custom video.

I will give you an idea of what you could get for $400. Let me say in advance that this price is assuming that we do not shoot the custom while on a planned shoot of our own. It assumes that we are in Florida and not busy and we just go somewhere around here. You would get one girl to hunt a non-game species such as a raccoon, snake, crow, possum. If you wanted her to use archery equipment, we could also do a stingray or shark. She would hunt naked and would perform any masturbation fantasy you have and wear any sort of easily purchased, inexpensive outfit you want. You would get your choice of DVD or VHS with 1 hour of unedited footage. The content would be non-exclusive. You would have a selection of about three girls.

Limitations: I do have some limits about what we will film. Many of these limitations correspond to what is legal in this country.  We will not film torture nor sit by and watch animals die slowly from a poor shot. There will be no contact between an animal -dead or alive - and a woman's genitals or breasts. Hunting videos will be based on the idea that the meat of the animal is to be eaten or other parts are to be used. In some cases, where the prey animal is considered to be a non-native destructive species or a menace to livestock, then these rules may be waived.

Learn more about:  Semi-Custom Videos or 2nd Generation Videos.

If you are interested in any of these custom video types, please contact me and I will give more detail.