Nude girls horseback riding filmed in the great outdoors, worldwide!
 See these sexy equestrians showing off their skill in the saddle. Sometimes, all that rubbing between the legs gets them so excited that they decide to mount a man or another woman for that ultimate thrill.

Western, English and bare back styles – all naked. From dressage to trail riding in the Rocky Mountains. Beautiful scenery too with beaches, mountains, forests, meadows, deserts or just the corral on the back forty. We try to capture all seasons.

Our videos feature girls of every skill level from total beginners just walking their mount to experts galloping or dealing with difficult terrain.

This part of our site will be sexual but not as hardcore as some of our fishing and hunting shoots. (No sex with horses on this site -- we're a classy website!)  A great many fans of this sport are women and so this category will be more romantic.

Come in and enjoy the fantasy that started with Lady Godiva and has been a fetish ever since. The gallery has both still photos and video clips.

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